South/Goodwill Volunteer Honored by Channel 7!

Yumino Kimura has been volunteering in South’s Newcomer Center for over 3 years!

GOODWILL Industries provides staff (Ruthann Kallenberg below) to help support our Newcomer’s Center

through tutoring and mentoring! Olivia Hunte is also on staff through Goodwill to help

students finds jobs and internships!


Yumino Kimura has been volunteering with Goodwill’s Youth Career Development Services for the past 3.5 years.  She has given over 80 hours/year.

She volunteers not only in Goodwill’s Summer Newcomers Program but during the school year for the Newcomers Reading Program.

Additionally, Yumino volunteers in 2 math classes with Newcomers and ELA students at South High School.

Yumino is able to relate to the students as she was a newcomer from Japan some 30 years ago and knows what it feels like to learn English as a second language.

Yumino is such a joy to work with and truly is a “full time” volunteer!