English Language Acquisition



Why should you go to South for English Language Development?

  • South has classes so students can learn English at every level and still graduate with full English proficiency.
  • South has a newcomer center for students new to the country to learn English.  This is the only high school in Denver with this program.
  • South has classes for Math, Science and Social studies where students can learn English and content at the same time.
  • South has 14 paraprofessionals who can speak Burmese, Karen, Karenni, Swahili, Arabic, Tingrinya, Amharic, Spanish, Nepali, Bengali, Dinka, Lingala, German, Russian, Somali, French and Ukranian to help our students and their families.
  • South has a wonderful, accepting community with students from 65 countries who speak 40 different languages.
  • South has resources to help all students learning English go to college and be successful in their career choices.
  • South students learning English can take Advanced Courses like “honors” and Advanced Placement (college credit courses) and have many opportunities for an excellent education to help them succeed.





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