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Welcome to South High School!

South High School is a High School (grades 9 – 12) for the greater Washington Park Neighborhood and a school for those who wish to choice into South from other neighborhoods. In addition, South hosts many International students. Students at South represent over 70 different countries from around the world! South is amazing with cross-cultural learning, high academic standards, and a strong athletic program. Our Advanced Placement courses, Honors courses and concurrent college enrollment set the platform for those who are preparing to enter college. We also offer support to students who are seeking other post-secondary goals. Come and check us out!  Please make a request to visit us using the electronic form below or give us a call!

Contact Karen Duell, Community/Family Liaison for more information!
Karen_Duell@dpsk12.org or 720-423-6271

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Current South Parents Love South!
“We considered our home school and another DPS high school. At the last minute, our daughter asked to shadow at South.  After that shadow day, she was excited and committed to attend South. The comfortable class sizes, the excellent teacher/student rapport, the diversity of student backgrounds and the overall positive feeling in the school gave her what she was looking for in a high school.  Loving every minute of her high school experience at South, she was well prepared for college.  It was such a success that our son followed and is currently attending South and loving South as well.  Our childrens’ high school years have been rewarding, academically challenging and extremely fun, it doesn’t get any better than that.”
Mark and Jan Bundy, Choice-in parents from Hilltop Neighborhood.

“Our daughter attended a small private school. She was ready for a larger, more diverse school and we chose South because of the welcoming atmosphere, the proximity to our home and the excellent curriculum.  South offers a large number of honors and advanced placement classes and a strong music and art program.  She loves having the opportunity to become acquainted with students from all over the world.  She has found the coursework challenging.  South is our neighborhood school and it is nice to be within walking distance of the school and be part of our community.  Our principal, Dr. Waters, is so energetic and dedicated. It is impressive to see her welcoming the staff and students each morning.  We are happy to be part of the South community!”
Sara Murdoch, Neighborhood Parent and former private school parent.

“South has provided both of my children with the necessary competencies to succeed in high school. The learning environment is amazing and they are being well prepared for college!  They have been provided opportunities to improve their public speaking, increase their leadership skills and perform community service.  In addition, they are having fun and thoroughly enjoying their high school experience.”
Val Renkert, Neighborhood Parent and former parent of the HGT Magnet Program at Morey Middle School

“As a parent, you want the first thirty days of high school to be perfect so your child feels welcomed, safe, excited, engaged, challenged. You trust they will look forward to going to school every day to such an extent that they actually begin to take charge of their own education.  My daughter’s first month at South could not have been any better and it set an incredibly positive tone that we have been riding the last 1 1/2 years.  There is no other school like Denver’s South High School!”
Nick Bottinelli, former Grant Middle School Family.

“Our daughter has thrived at South. She is challenged academically and creatively.  She has made good friends, been able to participate in sports, and all at a school that has exposed her to other students and cultures from around the world.  There is a long list of positives at South High School!  We are grateful we made the right choice!”
Dr. Andy and Kerry Ziller, former Merrill Middle School parents

And, one of our alumni students who graduated in 2014
“It truly is a special place. I knew as a South student that it was a cool school, but after being away I realize the impact even more. I feel like I know something exquisite that my college peers won’t ever know. There is an undeniable value in being immersed with all the different cultures, and realizing how similar everyone is. People are accepted. People are encouraged to push their own boundaries to become not only outstanding students, but extraordinary people”
Katie Burgert


If you would like to visit South High School, please click this link:
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