What do South Counselors do?

Professional School Counselors deliver classroom guidance lessons and work with small groups of students, as well as individual students. Each South counselor is attached to an AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) class which they work with closely from 9th grade until graduation. They coordinate school programs to benefit students and refer students and families to community agencies when needed. Professional school counselors work closely with building administrators, psychologists, social workers and staff, in order to promote a systemic approach to student achievement. They are trained experts in academic issues, career and college issues, and personal and social issues, as well as strong advocates for students. Counselors work closely with Future Center staff and college/tech school representatives, providing the best post-secondary options for a successful future.


Mission Statement

Our mission as professional school counselors is to provide a comprehensive counseling program designed to promote the development of productive and responsible citizens by assisting all students to develop academic, career and personal/social competencies


South High School Counseling Philosophy Statement:

The counselors of South High embrace the philosophy that the school counseling program is an essential and integral part of the overall educational process. Our comprehensive program is built on the assumption that educational, career, and personal objectives are attainable when school counseling for all students is provided. This implementation acknowledges that school counseling is no longer a service to be offered by one person, but a program coordinated with other educators incorporating a comprehensive curriculum. Growth and learning are developmental; therefore, school counseling services must be developmental and sequential in nature and in structure.


We strive to offer:

  • A school counseling program that reaches the needs of 100% of the student population of South High.
  • A programmatic approach to school counseling services and programs.
  • Full implementation of the School Counselor Association (ASCA) National Model.
  • Identification and achievement of student competencies and outcomes through the school counseling program.
  • Accountability to our students, parents and staff members. 

•Educational Information
•Working with teachers
•Course selection
•Study skills
•Time management
•Other educational opportunities (CEC, college credit)
• Honors and AP courses
•When school doesn't work
• Understanding graduation requirements and credit recovery

Post High School Planning
•Career exploration, Career planning, College selection
•College entrance exams, Recommendation letters
•Community Service Opportunities
•Financial aid

Personal/Social Issues
•Relationships with friends, family members and teachers
•Managing stress
•Understanding yourself
•Confusion about any personal issue
•Anything else you want to talk about

Help for parents and students in
Grades 9 - 12
The following guides are to help your child plan and prepare for college, workplace readiness and lifelong learning.
Personal Education Plan Planning Guides
To access ICAP go to:

Our states online career and college planning, College in Colorado is used as the official resource for
ICAP, along with help from the Choices career-planning Web site.


Seniors and Parents,
Click here for everything you and your parents need to know about graduating including passing classes, college entrance exams, letters of recommendation and much more. 

contact: or call 720-423-6068

South High Counselors

Luisa Flores

Students with last names from A - Con



Jodie Skodol
Students with last names from Coo - Heq
Room 113
Phone 720-423-6036
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Sarah Kowalski

Students with last names from Her - Mey
Room 113E
Phone 720-423-6086
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