Faculty & Staff

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Jennifer Hanson – Principal

Room- Main Office
Phone- 720-423-6000
Email- Jennifer_Hanson@dpsk12.org


Cheri Hilton

Cheri Hilton- Assistant Principal

Room- Main Office
Phone- (720) 423-6045
Email- Cheri_Hilton@dpsk12.org 


Adam Kelsey- Assistant Principal/Athletic Director

Room- 128
Phone-  (720) 423-6166
Email- Adam_Kelsey@dpsk12.org

Marisa Vasquez

Marisa Vasquez – Assistant Principal

Room- 113H
Phone-  (720) 423-


Negar Mizani – Assistant Principal

Room- 247
Phone-  (720) 423-


Vicky Virnich – Assistant Principal

Room- 113B
Phone-  (720) 423-







Grace Ayala
Counseling Secretary
Room: 113
Email: Graciela_Ayala@dpsk12.org
Phone: (720) 423-6068


Lori Chesley

Lori Chesley
Business Manager
Room: 106
Email: Lori_Chesley@dpsk12.org



Karen Duell
Community/Family Liaison
Room: 129
Email: Karen_Duell@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6271


Seamus Maher
Lunchroom Manager
Room: 401
Email: Seamus_Maher@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6253


Terry Mendenhall
Room: 243
Email: Terry_Mendenhall@dpsk12.org
Phone: (720) 423-6027



Connie Ortiz
Room: 113
Email: Connie_Ortiz@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6065



Marcelo Soto
Intervention Specialist
Room: 263
Email: Marcelo_Soto@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6070


Beth Strickland

Beth Strickland
Main Office
Room: 101
Email: Elizabeth_Strickland@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6062








Deborah Torres
Room: 104
Email: Deborah_Torres@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6066


Jeff Traeber

Jeff Traeber
Facility Manager
Room: 151A
Email: Jeffrey_Traeber@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6103








Marley Withrow
Computer Support
Room: 142C
Email: Marley_Withrow@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6142


Troy Dorsey
Computer Support
Room: 142C
Email: Troy_Dorsey@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6208








Don Reynolds

Instructional Dean
Room: 113H
Email: donald_reynolds2@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6143








Samira Salat

Attendance Specialist
Room: 101
Email: Samira_Salat@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6080








Jason Anders
Room: 115
Email: Jason_Anders@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6025








Leon Aguirre

Restorative Justice
Room: 141B
Email: Francisco_Aguirre@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6141








Fouad Zaouaque


Meredith Barrow
Future Center
Room: 114
Email: mbarrow@denverscholarship.org
Phone: 720-423-6268


Jessie Briegel
Health Education
Room 142B
Phone: 720-423-6161






Chenoa Crowshoe-Patterson
Indian Education
Native American Student Support Program (NASSP).
Room: 113
Email: chenoa_crowshoepatterson@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-2379


Valerie Garcia

Valerie Garcia
School Based Health Clinic
Medical Assistant
Room: 144
Phone: (720) 423-6260
Email: Valerie.garcia@dhha.org


Goodwill Career Readiness Facilitator
Room – 210
Phone: (720) 423-6032



Lisa Kelly
School Based Health Clinic
Physician Assistant
Room: 144
Phone: (720) 423-6261
Email: Lisa.Kelly@dhha.org



Rachel Knaizer
Site Assessment Leader
Room: 301
Phone: (720) 423-6167
Email: Rachel_Knaizer@dpsk12.org









Kristin LeFevre
Denver Health Therapist
Phone: 720-423-6168







Katherine Noble
Speech Therapist
Room: 241B
Email: Katherine_Noble@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6223


Stephanie Onan

Stephanie Onan
Social Worker
Room: 257
Email:  Stephanie_Onan@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6083


Kelly Stout
Denver Health Therapist
Room: 142D
Phone: 720-423-6022








Paul Grubesic
Edgenuity Credit Recovery
Room: 261
Phone: (720) 423-6282
Email: Paul_Grubesic@dpsk12.org








Malik Fletcher
Restorative Justice
Room: 261
Phone: (720) 423-6043
Email: Malik_Fletcher@dpsk12.org


Kimberly Beckeman
Room: 208
Phone: (720) 423-6188
Email: Kimberly_Beckeman@dpsk12.org








Lance McClure
Room: 108
Email: Lance_McClure@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6282
Website: www.southhighphotography.weebly.com








Justine Sawyer

Room: 206
Phone: (720) 423-6186
Email: Justine_Sawyer@dpsk12.org



Rich Cole
Room: 156
Email: Richard_Cole@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6287
Website: Teacher WIKI








Jonathan Cihlar
Room: 155
Email: JONATHON_CIHLAR@dpsk12.org
Phone: (720) 423-6171


Rameesh Madourie
Room: 141
Email: Rameesh_Madourie@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6111

South High Counselors


Jodie Skodol
Last Names: A-Ad, Che-E
Room 113F
Phone 720-423-6036
Email Jodie_Skodol@dpsk12.org 

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Sarah Kowalski
Last Names: Am-Baq, K-Moo
Room 113E
Phone 720-423-6086
Email  Sarah_Kowalski@dpsk12.org

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Bryant Strause
Last Names: Bar-Bur, Mop-R
Room: 113D
Phone: (720) 423-6085
Email: Bryant_Strause@dpsk12.org  

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Jake Jacoby
Last Names: Bus-Cha, S-Z
Room 113C
Phone 720-423-6087
Email  James_Jacoby@dpsk12.org


Stephanie Brazinsky
Last Names: Ae-Al, F-J
Room 113G
Phone 720-423-6016
Email  Stephanie_Brazinsky@dpsk12.org







Jordan Allen
Room 212
Email: Jordan_Allen@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6031







Natalie Blake
Room: 202
Email: Natalie_Blake@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6197
Website: Teacher WIKI








Sarah Campbell
Email: Sarah_Brooks@dpsk12.org
Phone: (720) 423-6150








Matt Craig
Room: 203
Email: Matthew_Craig@dpsk12.org








Jackie Falcon
Room: 110
Email: Jacqueline_Falcon@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6031








Jenan Hijazi

Room: 111
Email: Jenan_Hijazi@dpsk12.org
Phone: (720) 423-6034








Katie Horne
Room: 211
Email: Katherine_Horne@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6191


Erika Hyzer
Email: Erika_Messinger@dpsk12.org
Phone: (720) 423-6139
Website: http://americanlithyzer.weebly.com/ 








Jennifer Redlin
Room: 212
Email: Jennifer_Redlin@dpsk12.org
Phone: (720) 423-6031


Jen Rinaldi

Jennifer Rinaldi
Room: 204
Email: Jennifer_Rinaldi@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6184








Tessa Zatorski
Room: 221
Email: Tessa_Rybkowski@dpsk12.org
Phone: (720)423-6231


Nicholas Schelke
Room: 223
Email: Nicholas_Schelke@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6235
Website: http://mrschelkedenversouth.wikispaces.com









Kurt Scheumann
Room: 112
Email: Kurt_Scheumann@dpsk12.org
Phone: (720) 423-6059









Amy Shubitz
Room: 222
Email: Amy_Shubitz@dpsk12.org
Phone: (720)423-6234








Sadie May
Room: 215
Email: Sadie_May@dpsk12.org
Phone: (720) 423-6195



Karen Vittetoe
Room: 213
Email: Karen_Vittetoe@dpsk12.org
Phone: (720) 423-6193








Moira Casados Cassidy
Room: 202
Email: Moira_CasadosCassidy@dpsk12.org
Phone: (720) 423-6072








Maria Pliaconis
Room 210
Email: Maria_Vorgias@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6153








Steve Bonansinga
Room: 319
Email: Steven_Bonansinga@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6144








Jeff Buck
Room: 404
Email: Jeffery_Buck@dpsk12.org
Phone: (720) 423-4044


Elisa Cherry
Room: 323
Email: Elisa_Cherry@dpsk12.org
Phone: (720) 423-6178








Paul Dawicki
Room: 316a
Email: Paul_Dawicki@dpsk12.org
Phone: (720) 423-6008


Karmen Kirtley

Karmen Kirtley
Room: 325
Email: Karmen_Kirtley@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6180








Nuria Linares-Molina
Room: 322
Email: Nuria_LinaresMolina@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6209







Veronica Marcelo
Room: 317
Email: Veronica_Marcelo@dpsk12.org
Phone: (720) 423-6164



Joe Newswander
Room: 405
Email: Joseph_Newswander@dpsk12.org
Phone: (720) 423-6222








Bill Schooleman
Room: 320
Email: William_Schooleman@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6145
Website: http://mrschooleman.wikispaces.com







Debbie Shope
Room: 321
Email: Debbie_Shope@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6162
Website: Teacher WIKI









Danielle Speed
Email: Danielle_Speed@dpsk12.org
Phone: (720) 423-6075








Ben Speicher
Room: 314
Email: Benjamin_Speicher@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6132









John Walsh
Room: 318
Email: John_Walsh@dpsk12.org
Phone: (720) 423-6163








Alex Wentz
Room: 324
Email: Alexandra_Wentz@dpsk12.org
Phone: (720) 423-6178








Rebecca Basgal
Room: 315
Email: Rebecca_Basgal@dpsk12.org
Phone: (720) 423-6113








Alex Baron
Room: 316B
Email: Alex_Baron@dpsk12.org
Phone: (720) 423-6005








Dixie Lingler
Room: 305
Email: Dixie_Lingler@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6203







Kyle Dobbins
Room: 500
Email: Kyle_Dobbins@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6135








Rebecca Aweit
ELA Translator/Interpreter
Languages: Arabic and Dinka
Email: Rebecca_Aweit@dpsk12.org







Dejuan Bell
Special Education







Ahmed Burale
Languages: Arabic, Somali, Swahili








Molly Mason
Special Education
Room 173
Email: Molly_Mason@dpsk12.org








Montique Connally
Special Education
Email: Montique_Connally@dpsk12.org








Ed Derose
ELA General Assignment
Email: Edward_Derose@dpsk12.org








Klue Htoo
Languages: Karen and Burmese








Pamela Hollenback
Special Education
Email: Pamela_Hollenback@dpsk12.org








Melissa Lozoya-Queada
Special Education
Email: Melissa_Lozoya-Queada@dpsk12.org








Bernadette Janelle
Special Education
Email: Bernadette_Janelle@dpsk12.org








Kathleen Cordova
Special Education







Alberta Martinez
Special Education








Madhov Shovakoti

Languages: Nepali








Hayder Mohammed
Languages: Arabic








Jeff Troeger
Languages: French








Fatuma Yusuf
Languages: Somali


Gabriel Nishirimbere


Afrah Dalfi

Languages: Arabic








Marilyn Jones







Caitlyn Cavanaugh

Katie Ryan
Room: Gym
Email: Kathleen_Ryan@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6118


Joe DeMers
Room: Dance Room
Email: Joseph_DeMers@dpsk12.org
ebsite: https://sites.google.com/site/denversouthdanceteam/







Shawn Feldman
Room: Gym
Email: Shawn_Feldman@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6126
Website: http://southhighphysicaleducation.wikispaces.com/









Adrian Tyson
Room: Gym
Email: Adrian_Tyson@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6120
Website: http://southhighphysicaleducation.wikispaces.com/








Lieutenant Colonel Marvin Meek, U.S. Army (Retired)
(Department Chair)
Room: 150D
Email: Marvin_Meek@dpsk12.org
Phone:  720-423-6114
Website: http://denversouthjrotc.wix.com/denver-south-rotc








Alma Ann Martin
Room: 150D
Email: AlmaAnn_Martin@dpsk12.org
Phone:  720-423-6095








Rachel Aldrich
Room: 124
Email: Rachel_Aldrich@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6028

Jesse Antuma
Room: 226
Email: Jesse_Antuma@dpsk12.org
Phone: (720) 423-6105







Patrick Aubin
Room: 124
Email: Patrick_Aubin@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6028
Website: General Classroom Site







Jackie Carrillo
Room: 227
Email: Jacquelyn_Carrillo@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6123

Charlie Knepper
Email: CHARLOTTE_KNEPPER@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6079







Kiley Mack
Room: 224
Email: Kiley_Mack@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6236
Website: https://sites.google.com/a/dpsk12.net/mr-mack-s-chemistry-website/home







Patricia Merewether
Email: Patricia_Merewether@dpsk12.org
Phone: (720) 423-6051
Website: merewether.weebly.com

Tom Nichols
Room: 219
Email: Thomas_Nichols@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6155
Website: Teacher WIKI







Eric Punkay
Room: 119
Email: Eric_Punkay@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6020

Laurie Shook
Room: 123
Email: Laurie_Shook@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6026

Wilson Vadakel
Room: 246
Email: Wilson_Vadakel@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6139


Claire Crouse
Room: 225
Email: Claire_Crouse@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6238


Danielle Carey
Room: 220
Email: Sonni_Carey@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6040








Hayley Breden
Room: 304
Email: Hayley_Breden@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6077



Nicholas Childers
Room: 311
Phone: (720) 423-6245
Email: Nicholas_Childers@dpsk12.org








Frank Deserino
Room: 242
Email: Frank_Deserino@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6003








Richard Lutz
Room: 303
Email: Richard_Lutz@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6243



Ryan Marini
Room: 142
Email: Ryan_Marini@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6164








Kathy Stone
Room: 241
Email: Kathleen_Stone@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6096









Dana Van Tilborg
Room 307
Email: Dana_VanTilborg@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6242








Nathan Woodward
Room: 310
Email: Nathan_Woodward@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6204







Elizabeth Emmerth-Rexroad
Room: 308
Email: Elizabeth_Emmerth@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6294








Robb Wehrmeister
Room: 306
Phone: (720) 423-6240
Email: Robb_Wehrmeister@dpsk12.org








Naketa Moore
Room 309
Email: Naketa_Moore@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6206


Sean Davis
Room: 245
Email: Sean_Davis@dpsk12.org
Phone: (720) 423-6060


Candis Hitchcock
Room: 244
Email: Candis_Hitchcock@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6160
Website: Teacher WIKI








Allison Mitchell
Room: 245
Email: Allison_Mitchell@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6056








Christopher Ritchie
Room: 245
Phone: (720) 423-6106
Email: Christopher_Ritchie@dpsk12.org









Molly Venrick
Room: 173
Email: Molly_Venrick@dpsk12.org
Phone: (720)423-6175







Patrick Dowling
Room: 171
Email: Patrick_Dowling@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6076


Fernando Pabon-Ferro
Room: 406
Email:  Fernando_Pabon-Ferro@dpsk12.org


Christophe Rousselot

Christophe Rousselot
Room: 121
Email: Christophe_Rousselot@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6107








Nicole Weaver
Room: 127
Email:  Nicole_Weaver@dpsk12.org
Website: http://southisnumber1.edublogs.org


Renee Underhill
Room: 122
Email:  renee_underhill@dpsk12.org







Carlos Vargas-Cabrales
Room: 117
Email:  Carlos_Vargas@dpsk12.org








Caroline Hastings
Room: 120
Email:  Caroline_Hastings@dpsk12.org







Jia-Fang Eubanks
Room: 126
Email: Jia-Fang_Eubanks@dpsk12.org


Eulises Gaspar-Garcia
Room: 406
Email: Eulises_Gaspar-Garcia@dpsk12.org








Jason Brookes
Room: 129
Email: Jason_Brookes@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-423-6251