College-Ready Course Information

Rising Rebels

Rising Rebels is a student-led group dedicated to the goal of increasing diversity in the College-Ready Level courses at South High School and supporting students in their efforts to challenge and raise expectations.

Rising Rebels is proud to bring you two amazing opportunities:

1) AP/CE/CTE Course Mini-Shadowing - Are you curious about a College-Ready course but would like to see what it's like for a day? Sign-up for mini-shadowing. We will match you with a host student and deliver a pass to you telling you time, date, and person you are shadowing. This is a great way to see if a course is the right fit for you. You can sign-up in person in the Counseling Center OR complete this online sign-up form:

2) Peer-to-Peer Tutor Match: There is nothing embarrassing about struggling in a challenging course. We are here to help. Complete the sign-up in the Counseling center OR complete this online request form. We will match you with a student tutor in the course you need and introduce you to your peer tutor.